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Sea Ranch Lodge Wedding Featured on Anti-Bride


Thrilled to share the news that A+B’s beautiful wedding has been showcased on Anti-Bride!

Collaborating with this sweet couple was truly a delight. The genuine and heartfelt way they seamlessly intertwined their love story into their wedding was nothing short of extraordinary. I feel so grateful to have contributed to their most special day and I will remember it forever!

I highly recommend taking a moment to explore the full article here. However, I couldn’t resist sharing a snippet of the thoughtful words A+B graciously included:

“I already knew Meag was amazing because I’d had the pleasure of working alongside her on other events. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She’s extremely organized, forever one step ahead, and her wheels are always turning with ideas and important questions. Beyond the logistics, she’s detail-oriented and has a keen eye for design, helping us nail down details big and small from linens to where to place photos and decor. On top of all of that, she’s a calming joy to be around and an advocate, always ensuring everything’s in the best interest of her clients.”


Planner: Meag Breanne Events

Florist: Good News Flowers (the bride herself!)

Photographer: Amanda Pool

Cake: Salted Rye

Venue: Sea Ranch Lodge

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